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About us

NIKKY HOME is a home museum named after the founder Nikky Chan.

Nikky, a mature and fashionable oriental woman, has a superior life and a wide range of interests. She loves reading and traveling. As a fashion designer, her design team brings ideas and products to customers all over the world. For most of the year, she travels around the world, looking for inspiration; she likes shopping, especially looking for unique decorations.

 "I want to open such a store, so that you are willing to spend more time here to appreciate everything here, to find everything that belongs to your own personality. Here, people can enjoy shopping." Nikky said .

 "My interest is to create an elegant cultural atmosphere and unique taste for our store." Nikky also said.

 In order to find products and design concepts that fit the style of NIKKY HOME, Nikky has traveled to places with different cultures all over the world in the past few years. Because she knows that her customers have personality, taste, and have their own opinions and attitudes towards life.

Therefore, NIKKY HOME is not only a home museum, it is also a fashion place that brings together different cultures from the East and the West.