Rustic Pewter Metal Flower Table Clock
Rustic Pewter Metal Flower Table Clock

Rustic Pewter Metal Flower Table Clock

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NIKKY HOME, founded in 2009, dedicate to become a leading fashion home and decoration brand all overseas.

From furniture to home decor, every piece of product is matched perfectly together in the form of art, fully expressing its founder's fashion ideas.

In pursuit of fine handmade carving cutting, with simple smooth lines and rich colors, creating an artistic sense of European romantic and elegant style,

NIKKY HOME is never only a shop of selling products, we are working hard to set up a dream lifestyle for you.

Let's follow your heart and beautify your home together.



1. Is the table clock made of metal? has cover over face?

Yes, Metal. It has a very heavy duty new-type plastic cover over face, It looks like glass.

2. can you use a regular battery with this table top clock?

Yes, it takes one AA battery (not incluced in package).

3. how do you install the battery? Pretty back, but is it removeable?

Yes, it is removeble back. Place the clock face down in one hand. With the other hand grip the rim of the back of the shelf clock and turn to the left.

4. Is this decorative desk table clock an alarm clock?

No, it is not an alarm clock.